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    We chatted through Themeforest. My client has now bought your theme, for the purchase code.

    The problem if I think the previous developer hard coded a message in the header area, therefore removing the coding for the ‘currency options’ to show.

    See here: I have set up currencies in admin but they are not showing. If in admin I remove Register and Login and Shipping they then do not show on front end.

    So I think the ‘Buy 5 scarves and get FREE UK DELIVERY(*T&C apply)’ has overwritten the coding to allow the ‘currencies’ to show.

    So I wondering if you could let me know what the line of coding should be?

    Many thanks


    i re-command you re-upload the theme files :

    1- header.tpl located: catalog/view/theme/olympia/template/common/header.tpl
    2- currency.tpl located: catalog/view/theme/olympia/template/module/currency.tpl

    — Changing the Code:
    1- open header.tpl and check code line: 153 and make sure this code is there

    if ($this->config->get('top_curency')) :
                echo $currency;

    2- replace the full code iside file currency.tpl with the new one you have from the theme


    Many thanks for that, I will insert the conding first as that may solve issue.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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